How to Loose Belly Fat in 10 days | KETO DIET

How to loose belly fat in 10 days – Indian diet plan

How to loose your belly fat in 10 days. Hello everyone. In this article I’m going to tell you how to loose belly fat with most effective diet plan. The diet plan which I’m going to tell you is called KETO DIET.

Most of the people may not know about KETO diet because of not awareness on such diet plan.


Generally when we start to think about weight loss programme we hear about low calorie diets in which calories will be avoided and the amount of intake will be avoided.

But it doesn’t work for most of the people. Because when we suddenly reduce the amount of diet intake we feel hunger, this causes one can not continue for a long period of time.

The advantage of KETO diet is you no need to count how amount of food your taking and no need to count calories.

But there is a specific nutrine which is to be replaced with another nutrine in our diet. Its that wasy.


KETO Diet is called ketogenic diet. This shous us how to loose belly fat in 10 days.

When you start this diet ketodiets will be produced in your body which helps to lose fat.

It is an accidentally discovered diet, it given to some specific patients to cure their diseases and in observation it found that it worked better on burning fat.

Not only burning fat but also their skin glow had increased, physical activity improved, mental activness improved.

This can be used for diabetics, insulin, cholestrol, physically activness, mental activness, improves metabolism

Vitamins and minerals : organs

Protein: replaces damaged cells, creating new cells

Carbohydrate and fat :

Fat gives storage in body

Carbohydrates gives instant energy

Now get to know about how to loose belly fat in 10 days.

What to do in KETO Diet

You need to stop taking carbohydrates and start taking fats.

What is the reason:

Normal metabolism says that carbohydrate should be taken as a main source of energy. You might be noticing that old fat reducing process is as tough as your body and your metabolism makes like carbohydrate should be taken as main source of energy and fats to be used very less.

Like this our body habituates to use lesser amount of fat and high use of carbohydrates

When body starts using fat in your body, it starts complete fat using in your body. This process seems a bit difficult in starting days because of changing metabolism.

If you would like to take KETO diet be mentally prepared that the initial days are going to be tough, but as soon as you cross day 3, day 4you’re going to feel absolutely amazing.

The fat in your liver converts in to ketones, ketones are power maliculesand it has a high amount of energy. When ketones supplied in to brain, you start feeling very energetuc and actuve.

Physically also you will not feel tired, all day you will feel energized. This is how keto diet works.

Types of KETONES

Ketones are four types depends on our intencity and levels

  1. Standard KETO Diet

  2. High Protien KETO Diet

  3. Targeted KETO Diet

  4. Cyclical KETO Diet

Standard KETO DIET

In standard keto diet you need to take 75% of fat, 50% of protein and 5% of carbohydrates

High Protien KETO Diet

60% fat, 35% protien and 5% of carbohydrates. In this we have reduced a bit of fat and increased protien.

Targeted KETO DIET

This type of diet is generally used by athlets. Generally they take carbohydrates while they working out

Cyclical KETO DIET

2 days in a week nonrmal diet and 5 days in a week KETO Diet. For example, Monday and Friday Keto Diet and remaining days normal diet. This is how it is called cyclical keto diet.

How to loose your belly fat in 10 days

You can start with standard keto dietor high protien keto diet. The suggestable diet is standard keto diet.

In standard keto diet you are supposed to eat a high amount of fat, in a moderate amount of protien and try to avoid carbohydrates.

Carbohydrate is a generally available item and it can be found in all types of foods.

You can order for keto diet suppliments online by clicking here.

This is all about KETO DIET…

I’ll make an another article about keto diet receipes and food. This article is an introduction about keto diet.

If you have any suggestions or queries about this topic just write us.

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