Save Water Save Life – Problem for 21 cities in India

Save Water Save Life – 21 cities by just next year could run out of ground water

Save Water Save Life its a slogan we’ve been hearing from several years. But in India 21 cities are going to run out of ground water by next year. That’s just next year

Now the projection in more 10 years, by the year 2030, 40% of Indian population could have no access to drinking water.

Worst water crisis in Chennai

According to Indian MED department’s latest data our half of the nation is facing dried condition. Past few months ago a very bad and worst water crisis situation faced by Chennai and water reservoir’s water capacity fell down to 0.2%.

There is a lake in Chennai which supplies water to chennai public. In December 2018, this lake was full of water, but in 6 months, June 2019 this lake completely got dried.

Due to the lack of water crisis the IT Companies told their employees to do their job by staying at home only and no need to come office.

Many restaurants closed and public started buying water from other cities, and one water tanker was charged Rs. 1500/-. One water tank can be used 15 days by a small family.

But in 2019 June water tank cost raised to Rs. 6000/-. This means if one small family to sustain for a month they must spend 12000/- or higher a month for water.

How lower middle class families can survive with this cost? For this reason many people fought and for this reason only in Chennai a common man was murdered.

Save water slogans – Several Places in India

And this is not only Chennai’s story but also we people are watching such incidents on televisions.

So many incidents happened in Madhya Pradesh. In an incident the driver who is driving a water tank vehicle was attacked by local people because of water.

In an incident before elections 5 villagers have boycotted elections because of water problem. Because they said government is not listening their thirsty and not solving water problems, we wont vote in this elections.

Ranchi man injures 6 in knife attack over water dispute. In Madhya Pradesh cops told to guard water tankers.

In Rajasthan people started locking their water tanks to protect from other people.

Climate Change

Climate change causing very different situations like very hot in summer, very cold in winter, due to this rainy season is becoming smaller and when it rains its coming with high intensity.

Due to this when it rains we’re facing floods and when it doesn’t rain its getting dried.

Environment Destruction

If we continue destructing trees we get more worst results. Specially we’re going to hear that to make one bullet train, nearly 54000 trees are going to be removed.

There is a short film Laila in Netflix, this series shows extreme nationalism and extreme religion and how it can fall down a nation. And it is showing that how worst situation these both environment destruction and climate are going to take us.

This series shows that drinking clean water and breathing fresh air becomes as a luxury life. If one open tap they get drained water.

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