Successful Career | Jack Ma’s Journey

Successful career – who say I don’t want a successful career. Now everyone are struggling in their life for a successful career.

Losing people always feel fear about their failures. But the winning people always tries to correct their mistakes to get succeeded.

Jack Ma’s Success Story – Successful Career Journey

His net worth is around 20 billion dollars.

Friends, this success had not come very easily. You will be shocked once you get to know about his life story.

He born on 10 September 1964 in a small village in china. He started learning English when he was 13 years old.

It was tough and difficult for him to learn English.

Jack Ma’s Education

He didn’t take any master’s help to learn English but he became as a tourist guide and while explaining and roaming with them he tried to speak with them in English.

He did this job for 9 years, by this he gained grip on English Speaking. Because he is enough bold and strong with his determination.

Failures that couldn’t change his dedication

He wasn’t interested in Education. He failed in 4th class 2 times and in 9th class for 3 times. How ever he struggled and completed these exams but he failed in entrance examinations for graduation.

  1. In 1988 he passed in English graduation. Jack Ma’s career started with continuous failures.

  2. He tried for a job in 30 several places but every time he got rejected.

  3. Once he also went for a job in KFC. It was early times of KFC in china. For this job 24 people had applied.

  4. In them 23 people were selected. The person who got rejected was Jack Ma.

  5. Because of these situations he worked as a lecturer and some days as a translator.

  6. However it helped him a lot in developing English language.

A Journey that changed Life towards successful career

In 1995 he went to America to meet his friend. There for the first time he saw internet. Before that he never saw and know about internet.

When he saw the first time internet he searched for beer. He found information about this from different countries. Certainly he couldn’t find about china.

Then he started searching general information about china. Then he couldn’t find any even general information about china.

He felt that there is a good opportunity on the internet. Then he started planning in his mind about a work which is related to internet.

He researched a bit more, and started a website with the help of their friends. The website’s title was china yellow pages.

Concept was good but he couldn’t get any funds, as this he closed this website.

After this type of failures for a common man does he think about new ideas?

A new journey towards successful career

But after closing the website he realized his mistakes in earlier website.

In this website also he faced some problems during developing this website because he hasn’t any experience in this field. But with the help of a bank called as soft bank he never turned back.

And with in the short time it became the world’s biggest eCommerce company Ebay left from china. Then he started his journey towards his successful career.

Alibaba’s network is more than facebook network. And the amount gained by amazon + ebay the higher amount Jack Ma’s company gains.

Friends, we should not panic by the failures. But we should fight with the problems in an understanding manner. Because time doesn’t stay same for all time.

If you have dark in your life, then wait for some time. The success’s showers will come upon you.

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